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Personal Branding Examples: Loop 4

The Infinite Loops is a personal branding experiment about continuous improvement. I focus on Agile, Marketing, and Intra/Interpersonal connections. Work is organized into a 3 week sprint, which means I have a goal in one of those 3 focus areas that I must achieve within that time period.

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The Loops: Personal Branding Evolution

At the end of each sprint, I create a new explainer video on what the Infinite Loops is. This helps serve as a cornerstone for my improvement since there are so many things that change over time. Check out this playlist of how my first three explainer videos changed over time:

What do you notice is key for personal branding? What works and doesn’t work?

Personal Branding Examples:
Design Choices

Stage 1: I started out with imagery of the flower of life, which is currently on my homepage. This is too spiritual/esoteric for professional work in the long run, but it has a lot of meaning for me and is what inspires me.

Tried to blur it a bit and add texture so it wasn’t so obvious.

Stage 2: I found this simple design which is reminiscent of the flower of life, but simpler and modern.

Then I started experimenting with playing with different sizes and colors.

The Infinite Loops - Sprint 4 Systems Inspired Leadership

Stage 3: Too much of a good thing is… no longer a good thing. My husband suggested I move it to the lower corner to have it more as a subtle signature instead of so “in your face.” Then I started shifting to brighter, happier colors because I want more confidence and optimism in my work.

My Linkedin posts didn’t have any branding on the images up to this point, so I realized this new design would allow me to put a subtle little signature on my posts:

Aplomb definition

Adding a small reminder like this of your brand makes sure you communicate your individuality while not being overbearing. It also makes sure you have original content so if you post it on a blog later and it gets picked up by Google image search, you are still present!

You may also note that in the above posts I’m using the same font. This is a distinctive and unique font that I also use on my resume, so it brings that consistency throughout my professional portfolio.

My website has more earthy tones but very soon I need to start translating these shifts to the site design.

If you are just starting out in your personal brand journey, make sure to check out my free personal model canvas template to help you strategize on key elements to communicate for your brand. Hope this personal branding example helped your idealization!

This upcoming sprint is focused on Agile though, not the design. I’m going to be prioritizing Agile Interval Trainings, which is similar to Lean Coffee but in my own style. My goal is to get at least 5 people using Agile who have never experimented with it before, and to develop a solid template for an Agile brainstorming call to develop ideas. That way in a future sprint I can have a brainstorming idea specifically on the branding design! Make sure to follow me on Linkedin to see the latest.

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