Team Meeting Agenda: Meeting Productivity

A survey recently concluded only 11% of meetings are productive with 65% of respondents saying meetings prevent them from doing work. Meeting Productivity is more important than ever, so here is a team meeting agenda that will help your team customize their experience to maximize productivity

Image of a meeting productivity agenda/workshop available in Miro

This new meeting health check template is a great way to start. It provides a space for your team to give feedback on their perceptions of how meetings are going and what they want out of them. If you create a plan that works for everyone, versus taking a canned approach that worked somewhere else, you will ensure the plan is something everyone on the team is committed to.

It may not be right the first time, so remember to use this template several times over the course of a year to get it fine tuned.

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Don’t forget that every now and then you should have a fun meeting! Try out my free template for a virtual Halloween game with your teammates.