About Me

Kristina Damschen Spina

My goal is to get teams rowing in the same direction and having fun.
I’m dedicated to DEI to ensure all team members have psychological safety in contributing their individuality while the organization benefits from diverse viewpoints.

If you are experiencing friction in the path to achieving your goals, particularly in how your teams are working together, contact me to discuss a range of engagement plans.

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I started my career in Stage Management, helping actors and designers navigate the operations of running a show. While living in San Francisco I fell in love with the tech startup community, which is similar to theatre in its creativity and grit. I moved to Portland, OR to become part of a consumer startup that trained me on Lean practices on the manufacturing side, and Agile practices on the accompanying proprietary software. My advancement into executive leadership drove a larger focus on constructing organizational narratives driven by data that align teams under a unified brand. In addition to my in-house experience, I have consulted with many businesses on growing their revenue through improved sales and marketing strategies.

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My Values in Every Loop

  1. Always try your hardest
  2. Proactive, open communication
  3. Believe in yourself and others while balancing humility
  4. Be dependable
  5. Be available

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